Hey, I'm Kevin.

I can help you save the most beautiful and elegant moments of your big day.

Being comfortable in front of my camera starts with knowing what I'm all about.

So let’s see. I eat Poke 2-3 times a week and listen to way too many true-crime podcasts. I like to work out - yes, I have a Peloton and do Crossfit - no, I’m not gonna try to get you to join our cults. My best friend is my wife who’s a nurse and way smarter and better at most things than I am. We watch reruns of Friends and Psych on repeat because we have no patience to find new shows. We have 3 dogs who all have problems - 1 can’t keep her tongue in her mouth, 1 can’t stop eating things, and another is on anti-anxiety meds. I devote way too much time and energy to my fantasy football teams - I have 10 of them. I send funny tweets, videos, and memes to people who usually don’t find them as funny as I do.

I’m getting older and have experienced some life.

Nostalgia hits me hard when I least expect it. I can get lost for hours in the camera roll on my phone reliving everything from the random lunch to priceless photos from my wedding. Memory is fleeting and taken for granted. Stories blur over time – but not photos. Photos remember the little details, long after everything is forgotten. They bring you right back to the endless summers you spent with high school friends you’ve since lost touch with or those brief days when your family dog was just a puppy. They bring lost loved ones back, if only for a moment.

This is what I’m thinking about when I’m looking through my camera. I want to preserve these incredibly precious moments in time for you – I want you to remember them this way forever.

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Why I love what I do.

A groom shared a quiet moment with his grandmother after the ceremony and I just felt this flood of emotion watching it through my camera. I thought about how grateful I was that I had photos with two of my grandparents from our wedding but also how much I wish my grannie was able to meet Mikael and experience our wedding day as well.

These precious moments are the ones that mean the most and the reason I love what I do.


How do I even begin to express the gratitude for having Kevin as my photographer?

First off, Kevin is the best guy ever. If you’re someone like me and not the queen of selfies, it could easily be incredibly awkward to have a camera following you everywhere. However, Kevin was just so personable, patient, and kind that I immediately felt comfortable with him taking photos. I can already tell by the preview photos that this helped capture some beautiful moments.

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